Let’s make Eptagonia Green

On the 3 July 2021 there was a deadly forest fire resulting in damage to 66 sq miles approx. It was the biggest ever fire in Cyprus with lots of damages, four people and many animals were charred. It was a very sad matter, as before the deadly fire you could see a magic green place and now there is a very sad and black landscape.

One of the villages affected by the deadly fire is Eptagonia.

In 24 October 2021 the Force Eight Sports Ltd participated in the event of tree planting with slogan «Lets make Eptagonia Green». Our team was there to support this big project with vision to see this beautiful village green again.

Force Eight Sports Ltd participated in this event, personnel as well as products of Can-Am (ATV)  supported in all possible ways the transportation and planting of trees.

Our target was successful as were planted 3700 trees around the village and hope our effort is rewarded by seeing the landscape green again, like before the fire or even better.