Let’s green Eptagonia

Let’s green Eptagonia

10/24/2021 - 10/24/2021 Church of Agios Photios


Church of Agios Photios
10/24/2021 AT 08:00 AM
10/24/2021 AT 07:00 PM


On the 24th of October Force Eight Sports is taking part in an event of tree planning with a slogan “Let’s green Eptagonia”. 

During the summer was a severe forest fire in cyprus with result something like 66 square kilometers to burn down, was the biggest fire ever in cyprus with many damages and losses of lifes.  

Can Am igloo will be at the event and Can Am products (ATV) will be on use to support the tree planning / carry trees. 

Our target is to plan 3700 trees to green as much as possible the area. 



All staff members of Force Eight Sports will attend the tree planning with special made shirts with Can Am logo and the slogan “Let’s green Eptagonia”

During the event we will use tools marked as Can Am - we will have an ATV Can Am with Trailer to carry the plans to various places for the tree planning.

At the station in the village of Eptagonia will be the Can Am Igloo with giant Can Am flags. 

During the event will be big media coverage from TV channels / radio channels / social media coverage etc.