Utility Snowmobiles

Make the tough jobs easier and the good times bettter.

For Big Jobs & Big Fun

Ski-Doo utility sleds expertly blend serious work capacity with features offering exemplary comfort and performance into one. The perfect solution to turn the toughest jobs on snow into long weekends.


Useful Utility Sled Features

Work First

Purpose-built for your to-do list

Intentionally designed with features to make light work of big winter jobs. Efficient high-torque engines make hauling at low-speed easy. More cargo capacity for carrying tools, fuel and more.

Heavy Duty

Ski-Doo Skandic Utility Snowmobiles

Immense strength with a refined ride, Skandic snowmobiles are built to take on the toughest jobs in the most remote locations. Heavy hauling capacity, plus long, wide tracks that offer floatation and traction to get you where you need to go.

Winter Handyman

Ski-Doo Tundra Utility Snowmobiles

The Tundra brings lightweight agility not often found in a utility sled. It's ideal for light-duty towing and offers excellent economy with the ability to traverse uncharted winter terrain with ease.


Useful Utility Sled Features

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Utility Snowmobile FAQs

Utility snowmobiles are specially designed sleds with work features that enable moving heavy loads, tools and people across a wide variety of winter terrain. They have longer, wider tracks for maximum floatation in deep snow and superior traction when towing loads down the trail. They are highly versatile to accommodate a wide range of activities, from the toughest of tasks to a weekend joyride.

Utility snowmobiles are popular choices for all kinds of winter jobs and activities. Hauling gear for ice fishing, firewood, checking trap lines, signing and grooming trails, ski resort rescue and accessing remote hunting camps are popular choices. Herding caribou and tending to livestock are also made easy with a utility sled. Rest assured, if there's a winter task that needs doing, there's a Ski-Doo utility sled to help get it done.

When properly equipped with a heavy duty bumper and hitch, a utility snowmobile such as the Ski-Doo Skandic is capable of towing loads weighing up to 1500 lb. (680 kg).

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