Deep Snow Snowmobiles

Deeply upgraded

Built to make every ride in the deep snow more incredible than the last. Whether climbing steep chutes, carving up bowls of powder, or snaking through tree lines our deep snow sleds respond instantly and ride effortlessly.


Your Deep Snow Advantage

Highly Agile

Light and narrow design

A narrow ski stance and lightweight rear suspension make Ski-Doo deep snow sleds virtually effortless to ride. Choose your lines with ease and conserve your energy for longer days on the snow.


Long tracks for the deepest days

Longer snowmobile tracks with deep lugs provide plenty of flotation and traction to keep you moving on top of the snow. Choose from 146-, 154-, 165- or 175-inch track lengths.

Reliable Power

Advanced Rotax 2-stroke engines

A choice of three standard-setting engines – including factory-built turbocharged power – each with instantaneous throttle response and class-leading horsepower, efficiency and reliability.

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Ski-Doo Deep Snow FAQ

There are a number of differences from seats to starting systems and engine options. In general, deep snow snowmobiles feature longer tracks for floatation in deep snow and narrower ski stances for agile handling in technical terrain. Trail snowmobiles offer a wider ski stance for flat cornering and stability in bumpy trail conditions. They also have shorter tracks for crisper handling around tight trail corners at higher speeds.

Controlling a snowmobile in deep powder is unique. Momentum is typically your friend. Keeping your track speed up by using your throttle will help keep you on top of the snow. In many instances you will countersteer to turn the sled. For example, turning the handlebars to the left while leaning right will initiate a turn to the right. Always look where you want the sled to go. Start by practicing in low-consequence terrain and continue to progress your comfort level before moving onto more technical deep snow terrain.

Deep snow terrain can be accessed a number of ways. Many require you to ride a bit of trail to reach those epic deep snow playgrounds. Most rideable areas are found on public lands, such as national forests and other publicly maintained areas. Make sure you consult a map of the area you want to ride, or contact the local club or environmental authority if you need help. Wherever mountain you ride, always make sure you respect private land and other areas closed to motorized vehicles.

There's no such thing as too much snow! Ski-Doo Deep Snow snowmobiles are designed with longer tracks that have a large footprint to help keep you on top of the snow. Keep your momentum up and you'll float and carve your way through the deepest days of winter.

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