Lynx Masterclasses

Enter the next level

For those who are always chasing the next level. Sharpen up your skills and tune up your sleds. Our riders and engineers show you how to make the most out of every day on snow.

Flight Control with Andreas Bergmark

Building the Jump

Let's hear from Andreas how to prepare for jumping.

Take-off & Flight

Andreas shows us how he controls the take-off and flight when jumping.


Andreas explains the proper technique to land your jumps safely.

Mountain Riding with Jason Ribi

Set Up Your Snowmobile Handlebars

Learn how to properly set up your Lynx snowmobile’s handlebars.

How to adjust your snowmobile limiter strap

Learn all about your Lynx snowmobile’s limiter strap with deep-snow ambassador Jason Ribi.

Adjusting Snowmobile Track Tension

Learn how to adjust the track tension on a Lynx snowmobile to optimize your sled's performance.

Prep for a Day of Mountain Riding

Learn how to properly and thoroughly prepare for a day of mountain snowmobile riding.

Technical Terrain Snowmobile Tips

Learn how to dissect technical deep-snow terrain to discover precious winter playgrounds.

Suspension Setup with Janne Tapio

Sag Setting

Setting the sag is the first step of suspension setup. Janne Tapio shows how to set it right for the PPS3 rear suspension.

Limiter Strap Adjustment

What is the purpose of the limiter strap and how to use it right? Janne Tapio explains the effect of the limiter strap and shows how to adjust it to fine tune your ride.

HLCR shock adjustment

The Lynx Rave RE and Xterrain RE models come with 3-way adjustable shock absorbers. Janne Tapio shows how to use the 3 pre-configured suspension settings.