Our Products

Can-Am Off-Road Vehicles

Whatever the terrain, whatever the conditions; for fun, for work; alone or together. We've built them for high performance and easy handling to make every trail accessible.

Can-Am On-Road Vehicles

Another first, bringing the exhilaration of the open road to everyone. Our non-traditional three-wheeled vehicles are a ride like no other, on paved or unpaved roads, or highways.

Sea-Doo Watercrafts

Our first adventure in the world of water. There's one for every kind of fun you can imagine, from power sports or gentle rides, to pickinicking on the open water or a fishing trip.

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Our first "first" remains the reference for the industry. It created a new sport and enabled people to access winter mountains and snowy plains in a whole new way. And we're still leading the pack.


Manufactured and tested north of 66° 33′ 44″ N, our Scandinavian snowmobiles are made to withstand the harshest winter conditions and roughest rides.

Evinrude Outboard Engines

Designed from the boater’s perspective, to make your boating experience powerful, effortless and responsible. It's the only outboard that let's you have it all. Why compromise?