Trail Snowmobiles

For those who blaze them

Long known as setting the standard on the snow, Ski-Doo trail snowmobiles once again raise the bar for performance, handling, and comfort.


Stay Miles Ahead

Master the Trail

Stability, precision and comfort

Ski-Doo trail sleds raise the standard at every curve, bump and straightway on your winter adventures. With industry-best Rotax engines, unrivaled performance and superior capability, nothing else comes close.

Performance Minded

Born on the track. Bred for the trail.

Ski-Doo X-RS and X trail models bring race-inspired features like high-capacity shocks and chassis reinforcements to conquer the harshest trails. Rotax 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines deliver industry-best power and instant throttle response.

Soak In Winter

Comfort and convenience come standard

Whether you enjoy a solo ride or cruising the trails 2up with a companion, features like tall standard windshields, Air Controlled suspensions and heated seats are available so you can enjoy winter in complete comfort and style.


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Trail Snowmobile FAQs

A track and two skis is the best way to experience winter! Ski-Doo trail snowmobiles have features designed to keep you comfortable so you can enjoy winter at whatever pace you want. Heated handlebar grips, available touchscreen displays with turn-by-turn navigation, highly capable suspension to smooth out the trail and advanced engines that lead their respective segments in performance and efficiency.

There are a number of differences from seats to starting systems and engine options. In general, trail snowmobiles offer a wider ski stance for flat cornering and stability in bumpy trail conditions. They also have shorter tracks for crisper handling around tight trail corners at higher speeds. Deep snow snowmobiles feature longer tracks for floatation in deep snow and narrower ski stances for agile handling in technical terrain.

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