The premiere crossover snowmobiling experience. The Ski-Doo Backcountry expertly blends on-trail precision with off-trail capability, and does it in a way that offers every rider the best ride for their world – and now does it with proven, turbocharged Rotax power.


50/50 crossover with a twist

Available with the full power of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine with water injection system that will leave your competition behind. Advanced technology combines with unbeatable capability and stunning style to create the premier 50/50 snowmobile to dial up any adventure.


Exceptionally Confident

Dynamic trail precision thanks to a 43-inch ski stance providing flat, aggressive cornering and exceptional confidence in varying trail conditions. Plus, all the off-trail flotation of a 146-inch track length.


Ultimate agility and performance

Exceptionally nimble and instantly responsive with power to match, the Backcountry creates an effortless off-trail ride that's almost second nature to anyone at the controls.


The True 50/50 Crossover

Zero Compromises

The Backcountry stands alone with superior on-trail and off-trail capabilities. Choose the perfect combo of features – including track length, wide or narrow ski stance and naturally aspirated or turbocharged power.

Explore Backcountry Packages & Specifications

Backcountry X-RS

Purebred aggressive crossover with snocross-inspired attitude and performance. High-capacity suspension for superiority in rough trails. Maximum agility for impressive off-trail capability. Equipped with the most advanced technology available on snow.

  • The most aggressive crossover vehicle with snocross attitude and go-anywhere capability.
  • REV Gen5 platform
  • RAS RX front suspension with wider 43" ski-stance available
  • Rotax 850 E-TEC® Turbo R engine with water injection system
  • cMotion X rear suspension with rail reinforcement

Backcountry Adrenaline

At home anywhere there's snow, the Backcountry Adrenaline is loaded with crossover-specific features for spending equal time riding on- or off-trail. Now on the REV Gen5 platform, riders can enjoy a newly-refined confidence no matter where they ride.

  • Loaded with crossover-specific features for spending equal time riding on- or off-trail.
  • REV Gen5 platform
  • High-quality KYB shock package
  • cMotion™ X rear suspension
  • High-performance LED headlights

Backcountry Sport

Built on the advanced REV Gen4 platform with modern, efficient engine technology. For the value-oriented 50-50 rider wanting awesome performance and capability paired with proven durability on and off the trail.

  • For the value-oriented 50-50 rider wanting an advanced platform and modern engine technology.
  • Rotax® 600 EFI engine
  • Electric starter
  • Improved deep snow running boards with large openings

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