Lynx Adventure offers memorable winter experiences for the whole family. From Sunday outings to multi-day trips. Easy handling and advanced technology are the basis for an enjoyable riding experience.

Lynx Adventure


For unforgettable trail journeys

From entry-level touring journeys to winter adventures with sporty flair. Lynx Adventure family offers trail snowmobiles with high-class riding comfort flavored with industry-leading technology.


Top-class comfort

Experience top-class comfort during your winter adventures. Our unique PPS³ rear suspension offers a smooth ride, whether you're riding solo or with a passenger.


Industry leading Rotax® engine technology

Rotax® 900 ACE / 900 ACE Turbo and 600 ACE four-stroke engines are known for their great performance, comfort and fuel economy. Rotax® E-Power is the pioneer of the industry, offering the locally emission free snowmobile experience.

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For cheery winter trips. The Lynx Adventure snowmobile makes traveling smooth and comfortable. With the Radien-X chassis and the PPS³ rear suspension, handling and riding comfort are of top notch quality. The quiet and fuel-efficient Rotax® 600 ACE engine perfects the joy of riding.

  • Rotax® 600 ACE™ engine
  • PPS³ rear suspension
  • KYB 36 shocks
  • 41 mm Cobra track

Adventure Limited

Lynx Adventure Limited offers riding pleasure for both relaxed and sporty trail adventures. Its Radien² platform and PPS³ rear suspension ensure great comfort. The Rotax® 900 ACE/ACE Turbo engines provide brisk performance and excellent range. Add the optional Passenger Kit for a luxurious touring experience for two.

  • Rotax® 900 ACE™ and 900 ACE™ Turbo engines
  • PPS³ rear suspension
  • KYB 36 Plus R and KYB 46 Plus Kashima shocks
  • 41 mm Cobra track
  • 7.2" digital or 10.25" Touchscreen Display (spring only on Turbo), optional Passenger kit (2-up heated seat)

Adventure LX

The Lynx Adventure LX snowmobile offers memorable winter adventures for the whole family. In this model, high comfort meets the fuel-efficiency of the quiet Rotax® 600 ACE four-stroke engine. Thanks to the PPS³ rear suspension, quality of travelling is unmatched. The intelligent iTC system provides comfort and safety.

  • Rotax® 600 ACE™ engine
  • PPS³ rear suspension
  • KYB 36 shocks
  • 32 mm Ripsaw track
  • iTC system with Learning Key


The first fully electric Lynx snowmobile. The Lynx Adventure Electric offers a new way to experience winter without smoke and engine noise. The Rotax® E-Power electric engine enables a range of up to 50 kilometers*. *With 3500 mm long track range of up to 30 km

  • Rotax® E-POWER
  • Revised SC-5 / SC-5M (3500) rear suspension
  • Motion Control and KYB 36 shocks
  • 19 mm High-Efficiency track 32 mm Ripsaw track (3500)
  • 10.25" Touchscreen Display


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