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Conquer the unknown

Lynx crossover snowmobiles offer unmatched versatility from trail adventures to exploring uncharted snowscapes. Mind-blowing performance meets supreme ride quality.

Your ticket to adventure

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For long-distance rides

Lynx Xterrain trail crossover snowmobiles are designed to get the most out of every trail adventure. High-capacity suspension meets infinite Rotax engine power and purpose-built design to relish long-distance rides.

Expand the playground


Off-trail-oriented Lynx Brutal extreme crossover snowmobile is tailored for thrill-seekers who want to expand their playgrounds from trails to uncharted snowscapes.

The chief of snow

Master-class versatility

From heavy work to adrenaline-filled adventures and relaxing winter journeys. Crafted to meet every winter demand, Lynx Commander crossover snowmobiles are ready for anything the winter throws your way.

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Brutal RE is a brutally capable extreme crossover snowmobile for daring adventure seekers who crave to expand their snowy playground on and off trail.



Get ready for new discoveries! It rides like a sports snowmobile and floats like a wide-track. It tows and carries. It's rugged, dependable, contemporary and versatile. It is the Lynx Commander - the chief of wide-track crossover snowmobiles.



Lynx Xterrain is a crossover snowmobile designed to overcome any challenge arising from harsh arctic conditions. Xterrain offers a unique combination of performance, resilience and uncompromising adventure features.

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