It takes a special kind of hero to become a legend. And a legend deserves to be remembered – with a tribute worthy of the original.

When everyone least expected, it came and changed our winters – and the way we thought of utility snowmobiles.

When 5900 GLX lanched for model year 1983, it was a sled of superlatives: the first wide track sled with skidframe rear suspension, the lightest sled it is class, and the most powerful Lynx snowmobile.

The 5900 GLX was like a glimpse to the future. That future continued to realise with our unrelentless R&D, a development that brought us succes stories like Commander, Europe’s number one snowmobile for years.

In honour of the original 5900 GLX, Lynx is proud to introduce the Commander 5900 GLX Limited 40th Anniversary Edition. The limited edition is available to order this spring only, ending March 31, 2022.

For those who rode it, and for those you dreamed of riding – this is once in a lifetime chance to pay tribute to a true legend.