Hometown : Near Houghton, MI in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Current sleds :  Backcountry X-RS 850 146,  Summit X 850 154


I love spending as much time as I can in the backcountry.  Being outdoors and exploring new places are my favorite things to do.  My son, Waylon, and our dog, Indy, join in the adventures.  In the summer months, downhill mtn biking and camping are fun ways I enjoy the outdoors. I own Keweenaw Snow Expeditions; we specialize in backcountry guiding and snowmobile riding clinics. So, backcountry snowmobiling, guiding, coaching, and winter camping keeps me busy in the winter. Winter adventures range from here in the U.P. to the mountains out west. Being on a snowmobile is one of the best feelings in the world. Backcountry guiding and coaching clinics gets me out on my sled in the snow almost every day in the wintertime. I enjoy the challenges and rewards that outdoor and mountain life brings. Good for the soul. 

I do enjoy riding the backcountry of the U.P. of Michigan. The terrain varies quite a bit here, from logging roads to meadows to steep hardwoods. The U.P. offers plenty of deep powder days and steep, technical tree riding. In my heart, the mountains will always hold a special place. To me, that is where the real riding is at. I try to make as many trips out west to the mountain states as I can in a season. Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming are awesome places to spend time in the mountains. 

I like the Helium one-piece suit for outerwear because of the ability to keep snow and cold out.   The OutDry Highmark Gloves are great for backcountry and mountain riding. Other outerwear of choice would be the Helium 50 Jacket and High Pant for those extremely cold days. 

Normal Job
I own a concrete and landscape company. Summer work for me consists of concrete projects, heavy equipment operating, dirt work, landscaping, and forestry work. In the winter Keweenaw Snow Expeditions keeps me busy out on the snow backcountry guiding, filming and coaching riding clinics.

Most fun on a sled ever
Water skipping my Summit behind my friend’s boat, jumping the wake like a jet ski for about 12 miles in the summer is always a good time. Being out on sleds on a good powder day with your friends is hard to beat. I love spending time in the mountains. Anytime I can be out in the snow I am grinning from ear to ear. The thing I love most about snowmobiles is the camaraderie and teamwork that is involved for every ride to go smoothly. The friendships and relationships that are created from sharing that one passion – snowmobiles.