Danube Expediton 2023


The Explorer Pro 170 redefines the idea of long-distance riding. It's made to change perceptions.

The group of enthusiasts decided to create ingenious ways to travel and discover the longest pan-European river Danube.

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Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170

With 3 Sea-Doo Explorer watercrafts, the team shall start the journey in Kelheim, Germany.

They want to explore the life at and around Danube as seen from the watercraft. To extend the range, they shall use the fuel caddies that are carried in the back with LinQ system fixtures.



BRP responsible rider

We focus on doing the things responsibly

Owning and riding a Sea-Doo is great fun. Making this a rewarding experience for everyone is our common responsibility.

Our team is fully behind that idea.



  • May 31  Departure from Kelheim, Germany to Deggendorf
  • June 1  Deggendorf to Passau, Germany
  • June 2 Schloegen, Austria
  • June 3 Schlogen to Bratislava, Slovakia
  • June 4 Bratislava to Komarno, Slovakia
  • June 5 Komarno to Budapest, Hungary
  • June 6 Budapest to Mohacs, Hungary to Osijek, Croatia
  • June 7  Mohacs, Hungary to Osijek, Croatia
  • June 8 Osijek to Vukovar and to Ilok, Croatia
  • June 9  Ilok to Belgrade, Serbia and to Ram, Serbia
  • June 10 Ram to Golubovac and to Kladovo, Serbia
  • June 11  Kladovo to Vidin, Bulgaria
  • June 12  Vidin to Belene, Bulgaria
  • June 13  Belene to Calarasi, Romania
  • June 14  Calarasi to Galati, Romania
  • June 15  Galati to Crisan, Danube Delta, Romania
  • June 16  Crisan to Mamaia, Romania


The Explorer Pro 170 redefines the idea of long-distance riding. Thoughtfully engineered to create ingenious ways to carry more gear, discover new waterways and open miles of new possibilities.

  • 170 hp
  • Industry leading stability and control
  • The ultimate combination of power and fuel efficiency.
  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Extended journey comfort
  • Unmatched cargo capacity