The Racing
Legend Returns

Rave GLS 40th Anniversary Edition

40 years of trail dominance: Retro meets Turbo in a legendary design inspired by the iconic GLS 3300 model. Unleash power with the most advanced 2-stroke turbo engine ever.

The grit to
rule any terrain

Brutal RE extreme
crossover snowmobile

With its mammoth power and a monster track, the new Brutal RE can go places no other crossovers dare.

Elevate your trail tales

Adventure Limited trail snowmobile

Irresistible comfort, top-notch performance and cutting-edge design for demanding trail adventurers. The newborn Adventure Limited takes the adventure to a new level.

Unleash the trail beast

Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine with water injection

The most powerful factory-built snowmobile engine, available with Rave GLS 40th Anniversary Edition and Xterrain RE. Instant acceleration with ferocious, yet seamless power.

Unlock new adventures

10.25" Touchscreen Display with Built-In GPS

The 10,25 inch full color touchscreen display has enhanced features like built-in GPS with trail and topographic maps, allowing you to navigate without phone connection. Connect your phone with the BRP Go! app and unlock a world of new winter adventures with extended features .

The power to explore further

Xterrain RE crossover snowmobile

For turbo-charged trail adventures. The Xterrain RE is the extreme trail crossover that thrills with its unparalled riding dynamics, boosted with Rotax® turbo power. Kilometer after kilometer.

For a luxurious touring experience

The Passenger Kit

The Passenger Kit with the additional seat, foot rests and heated hand grips are designed to make the passenger’s ride as comfortable as possible. Available for Adventure Limited and Commander Limited snowmobiles.

Get the job done

The PRO package

The PRO package lifts the prowess of 49 Ranger, 59 Ranger and 69 Ranger snowmobiles. Added functionality, protection and capability with tailored features from arched A-arms to the hitch and anything between.

Emission free winter adventures

New Adventure Electric snowmobile

The Lynx Adventure Electric is the first electric Lynx snowmobile powered by proprietary Rotax® E-Power technology.

Find the right Lynx for you

From the 2025 line up

There’s a Lynx snowmobile designed for every type of rider. Explore the options to find the one that’s right for you.

Gear up and equip

What’s new riding gear and accessories 2025

From superb base layers to no-compromise riding gear developed in co-operation with pro riders, we’ve got you covered. Also everything you need to equip your sled for all the winter’s adventures.

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