Venla's first ride

Venla Jyrkinen is a passionate snowmobiler who enjoys the sport in all its forms. Long-distance rides, deep snow adventures, and picking up speed on trails and racetracks – she loves it all. Read below about Venla’s first ride with a snowmobile.

I had recently moved to Lapland when my new friends asked me to join them on a snowmobiling day trip. I felt nervous. After all, my experience on motorized vehicles was limited to driving a regular car. Riding a snowmobile would be a whole different thing, I imagined. I was, however, hungry for new experiences and decided to put my fear aside and give it a go. That sunny spring day turned out to be one of the most memorable days of my life. It was beautiful in the backcountry where the trails lead us, and best of all, I was riding a snowmobile for the first time in my life! A childlike joy filled me as I practiced steering my vehicle, felt the horsepower and heard the engine roar under my command. I saw a new world open before my eyes and felt pure freedom, knowing the sled could take me anywhere.

I couldn’t say I knew much about the sport after the first ride with a rental sled, but I didn’t let it slow me in getting a snowmobile of my own. I bought a Lynx Xtrim and started practicing. Now, seven years and countless amazing rides later, I am a Finnish champion in snowmobile sprint and enduro and have also participated in Cain’s Quest, which is said to be the toughest snowmobile race in the world. You never know where one day can take you. It’s always worth a try!

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  • Friendship began with snowmobiling

    Friendship began with snowmobiling

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    What should I never leave home without when trail riding?

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