49 Ranger


The 49 Ranger snowmobile prospers in journeys through forests and fells in varied snow conditions. Its agility, snow capability and ability to win through are unmatched.


Dense forest, steep hills and deep snow. This is where the 49 Ranger is at home.


The 49 Ranger brings you through the challenging terrain. It helps get the job done. And when the long excursion awaits, it transforms into a comfortable, trustworthy travel companion.


High-efficiency cooling system, hitch, large cargo space and great wind protection come as standard. You pick the rest.

Explore 49 Ranger Packages & Specifications

49 Ranger STD

An expert in the dense forests.

The Lynx 49 Ranger snowmobile's Radien-X chassis, combined with EasyRide 3900 rear suspension and a long track, ensures persistent performance and effortless handling.

The Rotax® 600 ACE four-stroke engine is quiet, vibration-free and fuel efficient.


  • Rotax® 600 ACE engine
  • EasyRide rear suspension
  • HPG 36 shocks
  • 406 x 3 923 x 39 mm DSG track

49 Ranger PRO

The new king of narrow track utility snowmobiles!

Narrow Radien platform improves handling in demanding terrain and deep snow performance is ensured by EasyRide 3900-A rear suspension together with 3923 mm track length and 64 mm track pattern.

Touring Kit (opt.) includes passenger’s seat and wider, 996 mm ski stance.


  • Rotax® 600R E-TEC engine
  • EasyRide rear suspension
  • HPG 36 shocks
  • 406 x 3 923 x 64 mm PowderMax† track
  • 7.2-in. wide digital display

49 Ranger ST

A versatile travel companion for challenging Nordic conditions.

3923 mm long track and EasyRide 3900-A rear suspension.

Versatile touring features and wide ski stance. Ready for smooth and comfortable adventures - even with a passenger.

Power and fuel efficiency is provided by the Rotax® 900 ACE and 900 ACE Turbo engines.


  • Rotax® 900 ACE and 900 ACE Turbo engines
  • EasyRide rear suspension
  • HPG 36 shocks
  • 406 x 3 923 x 51 mm PowderMax† track
  • 7.2-in. wide digital display

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