Challenges are ingredients for achievements. Conditions spice up the experience. Xterrain is a snowmobile with unique combination of performance, resilience and uncompromising adventure features.


For Xterrain, there is no such thing as impossible. High profile track combined with power generated by Rotax® engines deliver grip and performance whenever needed.


Sophisticated travel companion or a wild beast? You decide with throttle. Xterrain features high-performance suspension and ergonomics made for active riding.


The journey is an explorer's haven. Xterrain's cockpit has been designed for endurance and equipped for long adventures.

Explore XTerrain Packages & Specifications

XTerrain STD

Xterrain is an adventure snowmobile offering unbeatable combination of trail features and the ability to advance in soft snow. PPS² DS+ rear suspension ensures the deep snow performance. The engine options are the strong Rotax® 600 EFI engine and the responsive and powerful 600R E-TEC.


  • Rotax® 600R E-TEC and 600 EFI engines
  • PPS² DS+ rear suspension
  • HPG 36 shocks
  • 406 x 3 705 x 51 mm/406 x 3 923 x 51 mm PowderMax† track

XTerrain PRO

A crossover snowmobile with utility features for demanding snow conditions. Thanks to PPS² DS+ rear suspension, the deep snow performance is highly capable. A high-pattern track and a 921 mm ski stance provide performance and precise handling. An air radiator with fan ensures the operation in all snow conditions.


  • Rotax® 850 E-TEC and 600R E-TEC engines
  • PPS² DS+ rear suspension
  • HPG 36 shocks
  • 406 x 3 912 x 64 mm PowderMax† track
  • 7.2-in. wide digital display, air radiator with fan

XTerrain RE

Extremely sporty adventure snowmobile for demanding trails and soft snow. The PPS³ rear suspension and LFS+ front suspension with high quality KYB 46 Kashima HLCR shock absorbers ensure maximum control in aggressive riding. Engine options are fierce Rotax® 850 E-TEC and infinitely powerful Rotax® 900 ACE Turbo R.


  • Rotax® 850 E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo R engines
  • PPS³ / LFS+ suspension
  • KYB 46 HLCR Kashima shocks
  • 406 x 3 705 x 51 mm PowderMax† track
  • Blade XC+ skis, 7.2-in. wide digital display

XTerrain Brutal

Brutal, yet amazingly agile adventure snowmobile! Recipe for the most candid and rugged snowmobile in the history of Lynx? Long and wide track with deep lugs. Rotax® 850 E-TEC engine with 165 horsepower. Sporty suspension with KYB shock absorbers.


  • Rotax® 850 E-TEC engine
  • EasyRide rear suspension
  • KYB 36 and KYB 46 Kashima shocks
  • 500 x 3 923 x 60 mm PowderMax† track
  • 7.2-in. wide digital display, air radiator with fan, Multi-LinQ plate

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