Chasin' the Lights


Kai "Kaitsu" Rinkinen and Janne Kaperi, who founded the Bison Mafia sketch group, met each other in high school and started making videos by filming skateboarding, snowboarding, and stunts in the late 1990s. After the army, Kaperi and Rinkinen wanted to start a film career. They founded a joint company in 2006 and bought the cameras with a bank loan. They produced and starred in their first film themselves, which was released on the pirate network in 2007.

A series of ups and downs followed the group until their break up in the mid-2000s. When they were forced to rethink their concept and approach to media distribution. Time apart and their passion for filmmaking and entertainment is what drove the duo to reunite and create what is now one of the most-watched YouTube channels in Scandinavia: Biisonimafia.

Discover their humble approach to life, challenges, and friendship, while they take part in a Finish adventure with Jukka Hildén.

They needed that, because that lesson in life is so valuable—you have to stay true to yourself, always, in any situation.


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