Crossover Snowmobiles

Purpose-built for adventure anywhere the snow takes you

Built with the versatility to take you anywhere the adventure inspires. Legendary trail performance expertly melded with off-trail capability delivers the same go-anywhere attitude shared by today’s crossover riders.


Crossover Snowmobile Benefits

Highly Versatile

Your go-anywhere snowmobile

Ski-Doo Crossover snowmobiles combine the best attributes of deep snow and trail snowmobiles for on- and off-trail capability. Adjustable ski stance lets you find the perfect balance. Highly capable suspensions with longer tracks offer confidence for the trail and an exhilarating fun factor in the backcountry.

Inspired by Adventure

Purpose-built to push the limits

Extreme crossover riding requires sleds designed to face the unexpected. Ski-Doo Extreme Crossover sleds are built with a rugged toughness and powerful Rotax 2-stroke engines capable of mastering the most daunting winter terrain.

Work Smarter. Play Harder.

When sunrise is sleeping in

Utility crossover sleds almost never rest. Fully capable of getting you anywhere on snow and hauling just about anything along for the ride. When the work is done, these sleds have one thing in mind: all-out winter adventure in pure style.


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Crossover Snowmobile FAQs

Ski-Doo Crossover snowmobiles are built to be just as confident on-trail as they are capable off-trail. By combining the best attributes of Ski-Doo Deep Snow and Trail sleds, Ski-Doo engineers created a Crossover lineup that offers equal parts confidence-inspiring performance on-trail and fun-loving deep-snow capability for backcountry adventure.

There are a number of differences from seats to starting systems and engine options. In general, trail snowmobiles offer a wider ski stance for flat cornering and stability in bumpy trail conditions. They also have shorter tracks for crisper handling around tight trail corners at higher speeds. Deep snow snowmobiles feature longer tracks for floatation in deep snow and narrower ski stances for agile handling in technical terrain. Crossover snowmobiles offer a combination of each, giving riders the best of both worlds both on and off the trail.

Crossover sleds are capable of confident trail rides as well as traversing deep-snow backcountry terrain. However, not all areas are open to snowmobiles. Public land, such as national forrests and other publicly maintained areas, can be great places for off-trail fun. Be sure to check the area you plan on riding before you go to make sure it's legal to ride there. When in doubt, contact a local club or environmental authority.

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