Lynx Mootorkelgud

Lynx 2025 Snowmobiles

They're Finnish, they're unstoppable and they're here. The latest Lynx lineup has arrived to fire up your winter.

Tough and tougher

Led by the new Rave GLS and Brutal RE, our 2025 lineup puts snow season fully in its sights.
Every model comes from the depths of the Finnish Lapland, so they pack some serious 'sisu'. Time to ride.

We are Lynx

Lynx was born in the unforgiving Finnish winter and designed by people just as tough. That's why everything we do is inspired by what we call 'Sisu' - our own special word for a special kind of tough.

Find the right Lynx for you

There’s a Lynx snowmobile designed for every type of rider. Explore the options to find the one that’s right for you.


All your questions answered, along with helpful tips from our pros that explain exactly what you need to know before you go!


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