Forged in Finland

We are Built Tough

We’ve been building and battle-testing sleds in remotest Finland for over fifty years. Every mogul, trail and winter makes us tougher, smarter and more hardcore. And that goes double for our sleds.

The Big Five

Andreas Bergmark has spent years dreaming of creating the most insane moments in snowmobiling. They’re finally here in “The Big Five: Defying the Impossible”, a multi episode stunt series.

Lynx Masterclasses

Our riders and engineers show you how to get the most out of your ride, sharpen up your skills and tune up your sleds. See what they have to say in our video.

In search of sisu

Follow Lynx rider Ross Robinson as he travels the world, meets up with the global crew, rides the most epic terrains, and pushes what it takes to be a true Lynx rider.

Lynx Owner Zone

All your questions answered, along with helpful tips from our pros that explain exactly what you need to know before you go!

20 years of innovation

BRP, the company behind Lynx is turning 20.
Thank you for riding with us!