Personalizing your trail snowmobile to suit your individual riding style and preferences can be the difference between a good ride and discovering something truly amazing. These tips from Ski-Doo Ambassador Troy Oleson will get you on your way to finding the best personalized sled setup for your size, riding style and conditions.

Finding the Right Snowmobile Windshield

Wind protection is a major factor when it comes to putting on a few more miles or calling it a day early. The right windshield for your sled comes down to your typical riding conditions and personal preference. There are a variety of wind protection options available, from low to ultra-high, and even adjustable windshields. For even more protection, side panel deflectors that direct the wind around your body can also help keep you warm.

Proper Throttle and Brake Lever Position

The snowmobile throttle and brake levers are ultimately what make your sled go and stop. It’s important to have them set at a spot that’s comfortable and gives you the most control. Don’t be afraid to adjust them for your comfort and style. It’s a matter of personal preference, but most snowmobile riders set their throttle lever parallel to the handlebar. Setting it about an inch from the inside edge of the hand grip gives you full control and range of motion with the throttle.

On the brake side, most riders will adjust their brake lever parallel to the handlebar and so their index finger lands towards the middle or slightly towards the end of the lever. This position maximizes control and gives you the most leverage when squeezing.

Handlebar Position and Height

Proper snowmobile handlebar riser position and height is one of the most overlooked aspects of snowmobile setup. Handlebar risers come in a variety of heights. They’re also come in adjustable riser options to fit different riders or adapt to changing needs. Always make sure your riser is in line with the sled’s steering post. This gives you the least amount of feedback from the skis through the handlebars and gives you a better leverage point.

You can fine tune your handlebar position even further by rolling the bars. Simply loosen the four bolts and the center of the handlebars to roll the bars for millimeters of adjustment to find that perfect ride.

You can personalize the feel of the handlebars even more to your preference with different handlebar grips. People with smaller hands may find a slightly smaller diameter grip makes a world of difference when it comes to riding comfort. Likewise, a more aggressive rider might prefer more grip added to the bars.

Finding the Right Snowmobile Seat

We know you plan on spending a lot of time on the trails. Finding the right seat can make every mile that much more enjoyable. The right fit for you will depend on your riding style and personal preference. Aggressive riders usually prefer the narrow, sculpted feel of the stock seat. Touring or high-mileage riders may opt for a little more cushion or a heated seat if you’re riding in extremely cold conditions frequently. Those who want to take a passenger along will want to look into a 2-UP seat with options for heated handles and accessory connections for the passenger as well. There’s a seating option for every style of trail rider.

Additional Control and Comfort

The handlebars and seat aren’t the only place you contact the trail sled. For trail riders, where your feet touch the sled is equally important. Your feet are your foundation, and how you use them when you ride is a matter of your preferred riding style.

Some riders like the freedom the standard open footwell area provides. Aggressive riders can lean hard into corners without catching their boot in the footwell. Others like the more “locked in” feel of the closed footwell. In this case, they may look to add lateral footplates that provide a more enclosed footwell. Some find the happy place for their feet somewhere in between, which why Ski-Doo has given riders the ability to customize this area of the sled to their liking.

If you’ve got multiple riders for the sled, there are even adjustable toe-holds that will fit a variety of boot profiles and riding styles. For those riding 2-up, there are a variety of passenger options for foot comfort as well.

Trail Sled Storage Solutions

Whether you’re planning on overnight saddlebag expeditions, just want to carry a few essentials and snacks, or anything in between, finding the right storage solution to fit your needs is key.

BRP’s exclusive LinQ storage accessories give you the ultimate flexibility and ease of use for snowmobile storage. With a wide variety of LinQ cargo bags and boxes to mix and match for your adventures, it’s easy to find the perfect fit. There are even LinQ accessories for carrying extra fuel and oil for those who really want to rack up the miles.

Following these Trail Snowmobile tips is a great way to start your winter adventures off on the right foot. That Ski-Doo Feeling always feels that much better when you know you’re spending every second of the ride in complete comfort and control. We’ll see you out on the trail!