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Available in-store next Fall

Soft Glovebox Extension

Add some easily accessible storage with the Soft Glove Box Extension. The semi-rigid construction is durable and water resistant while adding 30% more capacity, including a separate inner cell phone compartment. The bright yellow interior makes it easier to spot items and offers more protection to the things inside. Works with USB and 12 Volt power outlets and the Low windshield.

Deep Snow Ultra-Light Seat

NEW Ultra-Light Deep Snow Seat offers a small shape for easy movement with a CVT belt storage area underneath. The seamless cover and redesigned base better protect from water intrusion with less stitching and a new front clip area that better seals moisture out.

Trail Narrow Heated Seat

Add Ski-Doo's heated snowmobile seat on your ride and laugh at the coldest conditions winter can throw at you. These days, heated seats have become a common feature on many sleds and for good reason, comfort! With High/Low/OFF settings, you’ll always find the perfect temperature for your ride whenever you need it.


New features for more comfort and versatility

The Oxygen helmet sets the bar helmets in every measurable standard. Thanks to advanced features and an updated venting system, riders get another 10 degrees C of interior temperature control in the new Oxygen Flow Helmet.

VIBE Universal Communication System

Crystal Clear Communication for All

Compatible with most BRP helmets, the Vibe Universal Comm System provides unparalleled connectivity and exceptional ease of use. One click quickly connects the comm system to your phone, sled and other riders. Features Mesh 2.0 technology for open or group mesh capability. Premium sound with Harmon/Kardon audio, dual antenna reception and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. Rated for up to 5 hours of use at -18c with 1.2-km range.

LinQ 1+1 Removable Rack

Add instant versatility to your Ski-Doo sled. LinQ 1+1 Removable Rack allows instant addition of a LinQ passenger seat and doubles as an extra LinQ accessory attachment point when riding solo.

LinQ Saddlebags

Nearly 7 gallons of added storage capacity to accompany you on those high-mileage adventures. Securely mounts to your sled in seconds and saves space on the tunnel for other LinQ accessories like fuel caddy, stackable bags and more.

LED Signal Lights for Windshield

LED lighting system mounts to your windshield and offers 4 different modes to communicate with oncoming riders while keeping your hands on the bars. White, Amber (riders behind), Green (solo/last rider) and Flashing Amber (caution).

Enduro one-piece suit

Lightweight. High Performance.

Featuring the lightweight Sympatex® membrane, the Enduro Insulated One-Piece Suit kicks your mobility and protection up a notch! This crossover gear is built with reinforced fabric and light insulation for better style and functionality. Plus, it’s modular to give riders like you what you need, when you need it.

Stackable LinQ Deck

The new Stackable LinQ deck doubles up the adventure by adding twice as many LinQ accessory connection points allowing you pack more into every winter experience.

Utility soft knee pads

Add a little protection, comfort and grip for your knees with these specially designed pads. The flexible material absorbs impact, and they install easily.

Underseat Storage Bag

The Underseat storage bag fits perfectly in the space below the seat of Expedition and Skandic Widetrack and Super Widetrack models. The durable polyester construction is insulated to protect from cold while the integrated handles make removal and installation easy.

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Designed to make every ride better. The 2025 Ski-Doo accessories are focused on letting you dial in the perfect experience with simple, seamlessly integrated solutions that make life on the snow better.

Browse All 2025 Apparel

Designed to make every ride better. The 2025 Ski-Doo apparel are focused on letting you dial in the perfect experience.