Vibe Communication System by BRP

Built in partnership with Sena, the Vibe Communication System is an advanced integrated helmet communication system specifically designed for demanding winter conditions. With up to 8 hours of battery life in -20C weather, you can chat, listen and ride worry-free all day long.

Vibe Communication System Key Technologies

Click to Connect

One-touch connection for fast, easy pairing

One click is all it takes to connect the Vibe Communication System and enable a line of communication between your entire riding group.

Fully Integrated

Streamlined Advex Helmet integration

A Ski-Doo first, the Advex Helmet is intentionally designed to seamlessly accept the Vibe Communication System without adding extra bulk to the side of your helmet.


Intuitive helmet installation

Installation is a snap thanks to the magnetic design, the Vibe Communication System almost instinctively positions itself within the Advex Helmet.

Quick Charge

Always ready to ride

Rapid charging capability ensures the Vibe Communication System is at full capacity and ready to ride whenever you are.

All-Day Chat

Endless talk time with eLinQ

When paired with the Ski-Doo exclusive E-LinQ accessory system, the Vibe Communication System is constantly powered so you can chat, listen and ride all day.

Open Mesh Comm

9 channels of communication

The Vibe open mesh system allows the choice of 9 channels so you can keep the conversation going between your riding crew without interruption.

Manage your Vibe device with BRP GO!

Advex + Vibe

Fully integrated with Advex Helmet

The Perfect Pair

Advex is the first ever readily capable helmet to seamlessly intergrate with the Vibe Communication System. Purpose-built design allows addition of the comms system without adding extra bulk to your helmet.

Fully Connected

Intuitive audio control at your fingertips with the 10.25-inch Color Touchscreen Display

Vibe Comm System Control

Mute and unmute the microphone, plus control volume directly from the 10.25-inch touchscreen or left hand handlebar control module. See microphone status and system battery life displayed on the screen.
*Only when equipped with 10.25-inch color touchscreen display.

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