Watercraft enthusiasts and fishing fanatics have dreamed about the FishPro Trophy with exclusive features that perfectly embody what it means to eat, sleep and breathe fishing.

Game On

Built for the world's most dedicated anglers

FishPro Trophy

When the sight of a bent over rod stirs the adrenaline, there’s one watercraft built to feed that passion. The FishPro Trophy is tournament-level fishing in every aspect ingeniously designed features in a PWC.

Bird's eye view

Modular Swivel Seat

Rear portion of the seat transforms into a pedestal seat ideal for sight fishing. Installs in seconds for a game-changing experience. Both the pedestal and backrest stow cleverly away when not in use.

Keep them swimming

LinQ Cooler with livewell

Turn the 51L/13.5 gal. LinQ Fishing Cooler into a livewell in seconds. An integrated pump constantly feeds fresh water into the reservoir keeping your catch or your bait alive all day.

Your window to below the surface

Garmin 7'' Touchscreen Fish Finder & GPS

This 7” touchscreen chartplotter and fish-finder features an in-hull transducer with mid-CHIRP technology. Includes token for access to free upgraded regional maps.

Explore FishPro Trophy packages and specifications

FishPro Trophy 170

The FishPro Trophy 170 is the watercraft experience fishing fanatics have been craving. Exclusive features include livewell, anchoring system, high-tech fish locator, trolling modes and more. All designed to provide devoted fishing enthusiasts the experience of a lifetime on every excursion.

  • Industry leading stability and control
  • The ultimate combination of power and fuel efficiency
  • Advanced Battery System
  • Fishing features: 5 Fishing rod holders, fish finder and GPS, swivel seat, quick connect livewell, bench seat, trolling mode, gunwale footrests and anchoring system
  • Tech Package: BRP Audio Premium system, full color display & USB port
  • Garmin† 7′′ touchscreen GPS & fish finder
  • Advanced battery system
  • Ergolock™ two-piece Explorer Touring seat w/ modular swivel seat
  • Quick-connect livewell
  • LinQ® fishing cooler (13.5 US gal / 51 L)
  • Anchoring system
  • Tech Package : BRP Audio – Premium System, full color 7.8” wide display and USB port
  • iBR® - Intelligent Brake & Reverse
  • VTS™ (Variable Trim System)
  • Boarding Ladder
  • RF D.E.S.S.™ Key
  • Watertight phone compartment
  • Two sets of LinQ® attachment points
  • Wide-Angle Mirrors
  • Handlegrip with Palm Rests
  • Footwell Carpets
  • Large swim platform
  • 5 fishing rod holders
  • 2 LinQ® front supports
  • Cupholder
  • Tilt steering
  • Ski tow eye
  • Seat Strap
  • USB port
  • Direct-access front storage
  • Storage bin organizer

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