Light, playful Rec Lite personal watercraft provide highly affordable way to start living the Sea-Doo Life in a fun, easy-to-own package.


Starting at RM 37.888

Fun to ride and easy to tow with most sedans, the Spark is designed to maximise your summer fun on the water.


Starting at RM 46.888

The one-of-a-kind Spark Trixx™ makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun, you’ll never want the day to end.

Versatile and efficient PWCs, highly adaptable to any adventure. The perfect way for the whole crew to enjoy a variety of on-water entertainment. Lots of storage and easily accessorized for tow sports and all-day fun.


Coming Soon

The GTI platform boasts versatile capababilities that expands your horizons on the water. Whether your day consists of spirited riding, tow sports, fishing or just cruising, the GTI always ensures your experience is spectacular.


Starting at RM 76.888

The GTI SE amps up the adventure with more convenience, more comfort and a sound system that take family fun on the water to new places.

Broaden your horizons. Sea-Doo Touring personal watercraft offer industry-leading stability paired with well-appointed comfort and convenience. It's your ultimate all-day adventure cruiser for 2-3 riders.


Starting at RM 85.888

One look at the GTX and you'll know it's built to be more than a ride. The perfect blend of comfort, performance and just the right swagger, it's hard to find a reason for the ride to end.

GTX Limited

Starting at RM 114.888

Ride supreme with the comfort, convenience and performance of the GTX Limited. It’s the platinum standard for luxury with power to match.

Find race-inspired features for dominating the buoy course and advanced technology and convenience for off-shore exploring. Each Performance model offers dynamic Rotax engine options to add an extra dose of adrenaline.


Coming Soon

Inspiring power at an affordable price. The GTR and GTR-X up the game with up to 300 supercharged horses and pinpoint control to boost your days on the water with more thrills and amped up excitement.


Starting at RM 113.888

The RXT-X RS pairs a high octane attitude with exceptional confidence and convenience, making it the ultimate offshore performance watercraft.


Starting at RM 112.888

The pinnacle of PWC racing performance for riders who want to push their own limits as hard as they push the machine's.

Sea-Doo Wake and Wake Pro models are purpose built for your favorite tow sports. Equipped with board rack, ski pylon and exclusive features like Ski Mode, they're the life of the party with plenty of power to boot.


Coming Soon

Board, ski or skate. However you choose to do it, the Sea-Doo Wake is the easiest way to enjoy tow sports with built-in watersport fun for all out excitement!

Wake Pro

Starting at RM 97.888

The Wake Pro model delivers the industry's most stable ride for tow sports. With plenty of power and extra room to prep for your next run, this model delivers a watersports experience like no other.

Built with the fishing enthusiast in mind, the purpose-built-for-fishing Sea-Doo Fish Pro personal watercraft family gets you closer than ever to the action and includes coolers for your catch, rod holders, Garmin fish finders and more.

FishPro Sport

Starting at RM 100.888

A combination of excitement, versatility, and passion all in one complete package. Explore locations previously unavailable to traditional fishing crafts and experience the adaptability of one of the world's most versatile watercraft.

FishPro Trophy

Starting at RM 116.888

Watercraft enthusiasts and fishing fanatics have dreamed about the FishPro Trophy with exclusive features that perfectly embody what it means to eat, sleep and breathe fishing.

If long-distance adventure is on your mind, the Sea-Doo Adventure category is the place to be. Stable hulls with tons of standard storage and highly efficient engine options mean you'll have plenty of room for all the necessities for a day of island hopping or even an overnight adventure.

Explorer Pro

Starting at RM 100.888

The Explorer Pro redefines the idea of long-distance riding. Thoughtfully engineered to create ingenious ways to carry more gear, discover new waterways and open miles of new possibilities.

Stress doesn't deserve a place on the water. The simple, intuitive Switch handling is so second nature, it's like riding a bike. Easy to steer, dock, launch and load.

Switch Sport 18 - 230 hp

Starting at RM260,888

Geared and styled for the active adventurer with watersports-ready features and spacious versatility.

Switch Cruise 21 - 230 hp

Starting at RM285,888

Lounge, relax, soak - however you take in the Sea-Doo Life, the Switch Cruise is outfitted to help your family do it with unmatched comfort, convenience and style on the water.