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2023 Personal Watercraft

Hop on your getaway vehicle

It's time for your great escape. To see new places. To do something new. There's a whole world of water out there, waiting to be explored. And whatever you're looking for, you'll find it while riding a Sea-Doo.

Personalise your Sea‑Doo

There’s more than one way to live the Sea-Doo life, and more than one way to make your ride your own. Create your personal definition of cool by choosing accessories that speak to who you are.

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New level of fun on the water

Available in summer 2024, the new Sea-Doo Rise, an all-electric hydrofoil board, is perfect for the entire family and for those seeking to rise above the water and enjoy a more athletic Sea-Doo Life.

Gear up

With must-haves and want-to-haves

Plus-up your riding style with our unique apparel. And level-up your Sea-Doo with accessories that are widely versatile and compatible. Before you have the best time ever, make sure you’re well prepared.


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