Motoneiges Lynx

The 2024 Lynx lineup
is here

And our sleds are tougher than ever.

Famously Finnish

Our 2024 sleds have landed. With aggressive riding capability, stunning performance and supreme control, the new lineup takes extreme snowmobiling to a new level.

Find the right Lynx for you

There’s a Lynx snowmobile designed for every type of rider. Explore the options to find the one that’s right for you.


Find maintenance tips, how-to guides or inspiration for your next snowmobile adventure from the people who know our sleds best.


Check out exclusive features only available in spring pre-order.

We are Lynx

Lynx was born in the unforgiving Finnish winter and designed by people just as tough. That's why everything we do is inspired by what we call 'Sisu' - our own special word for a special kind of tough.


L'attente est terminée. La gamme Lynx 2023 est arrivée.