Responsible Rider

The Responsible Rider program is about the right way to ride in the backcountry and on the trails. Keep it fun and fair by being mindful of other riders, safety and the environment


Kick up the snow with confidence. Make sure your sled is in riding shape, and check conditions before hitting the snow. Be sure to have the right gear, keep first aid kits handy, and always ride within the law.


The best trails are made by nature, and we must do our utmost to protect them. Be careful not to pollute or litter, and always respect the terrain so that the next ride is as good as the last. 


Sharing the ride with others so our sport can grow will always matter to us. Good riding etiquette means following the rules, watching your speed, and looking out for others when you’re out on the snow. 

Questions about the Responsible Rider program?