How to gear up right for snowmobiling?

It's not bad weather. It's just about gearing up the right way. We at Lynx are pioneers in equipping all riders for demanding Nordic conditions. See the tips below from Lynx ambassadors Tobias Hellström and Emma Kimiläinen for proper layering!

1.Base layer

High-quality base layer wicks moisture to the outer layers ensuring that you stay warm and dry during the ride.

2. Mid layer

With mid layer you can adjust the insulation depending the temperature, riding conditions and your riding style.

3. Outer layer

The outermost layer is for weather protection – the layer, that protects you against wind, snow and water. Again, the thickness of the layer depends on the temperature, the length of your adventure and your activity level. Don’t forget proper snowmobiling gloves, boots and balaclava for under your helmet!

Remember proper protection!

Protective gear, like knee pads and chest protector, are best worn over the base layer. Finalize your safety and comfort with well fit, high-quality helmet and riding goggles, if you are using a motocross-style helmet.

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