Die dreirädgrigen Motofrahrzeuge von CAN-AM sind anders - sie erfordern besondere Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse. Informieren Sie sich darüber, bevor Sie losfahren.


In order to get to know the vehicle even better, make sure to:

  • Complete a Training course (if available).
  • Practice, become proficient with the controls.
  • Get a proper license.

For advertising purposes, some scenes depicted on this website may include professional riders and racers executing maneuvers or performances under ideal and/or controlled conditions. Do not attempt any of these or any other risky maneuvers if they're beyond your level of riding ability, as well as your understanding and respect for the performance of your vehicle. Read and pay special attention to your Operator's Guide and to the safety labeling on your vehicle. Watch the safety video for important information concerning your vehicle and safety to reduce the risk of injury. Severe injury, including death, can result from ignoring warnings or through improper use of the vehicle. Always ride responsibly and safely. Follow all instructional and safety materials. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and appropriate protective clothing. And always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don't mix.