Hometown : Waunakee, Wisconsin

Current sleds : MXZ X-RS 850 1.25 Ice Ripper Yellow


I can’t say just one, but snowmobiling is definitely my winter passion of choice. You have two choices in winter, sit inside and wait for spring, or get out and play. I choose play! The only downfall is winters go by so fast when you’re having so much fun! As my friends have heard me say many times, if I had to sell all of my toys and keep only one, it would be my snowmobile.

I primarily ride the expansive trail network of the Midwest U.S. Northern Wisconsin is my favorite playground, but I do go to the U.P. of Michigan or up into Ontario to chase the good snow. I’m a Type-A, so I enjoy the arm stretching acceleration of a nicely setup sled. I’m also a tinkerer, so I do some of my own tweaks to my sled to get that little extra performance.

Midwest winters can vary a lot. For the really cold days I wear an X-Team insulated jacket. On warmer days I have several of the Sno-X Race Edition Shells and I layer up. I also like the Ski-Doo Tec+ Boots for comfort and agility. I’ve been wearing moto-cross style helmets with goggles for many years, but am looking forward to trying out the new OXYGEN Helmet.

Normal Job
My office is usually at 38,000 feet in a Boeing 777 flying around the world. Flying is another passion of mine, and I was fortunate to fly the A-10 and F-16 for many years in the United States Air Force before becoming a pilot for FedEx. I have a biplane for those days I still feel like going upside down!