Licenčné požiadavky pre jazdu na ATV alebo SSV

Do I need a licence in the UK?

Everybody wants to have fun – and that's alright! Having fun with ATVs and SSVs, however, needs to be done responsibly. There are regional regulations and limitations to riding them, and we at Can-Am encourage responsibility. That's why we've gathered a handy guide for you so it's as easy as possible for you to go out and enjoy your SSV or ATV responsibly!

You need one for ATVs & SSVs. Here are the facts.

To be allowed to ride SSVs and ATVs in the United Kingdom, you need to be at least 16 years old. Additionally, you need to have a corresponding licence that depends on the technical aspects of your ride of choice.


ATV and SSV licences

There are different requirements to fulfil regarding riding ATVs and SSVs that depend on the vehicle’s use and dimensions.

Motor vehicles with 4 wheels up to 400kg unladen or 550kg if they’re designed for carrying goods.

Category B (car) licence holders automatically have category F entitlement.

Agricultural tractor. You can hold a category F licence from age 16.
16-year-olds may only drive tractors up to 2.45 metres wide, and tow trailers up to 2.45 metres wide and with 2 wheels, or 4 close-coupled wheels.
From age 17 these restrictions do not apply. Category F licence only applies to tractors used primarily for agriculture or forestry.

What gear or equipment is needed and where can I ride?

While riding an ATV and riding an SSV are slightly different experiences, the requirements are the same. We always recommend wearing a helmet when riding ATVs and SSVs, as we encourage all Can-Am riders to Ride Responsibly. Also, the Health and Safety Executive highly recommends the use of a helmet for riding an ATV. When in doubt however, you can always refer to this rule of thumb from the Can-Am Operator guide:
"Never take place on an ATV or an SSV without wearing an approved helmet of the proper size and other required riding gears. There can be different equipment requirements, please check local rules.
Can-Am ATVs and SSVs are built for off-road use only. It may be used for general recreational use and utility purposes. It may be used for short distances on paved surfaces at reduced speed, in order to move the vehicle from an off-road location to another. Check the regulations for your area regarding the use of a tractor and trailer on the road."

ATV and SSV requirements and limitations

In terms of where you are allowed to ride, there can be either local or regional legislation and regulations that dictate where it is possible to ride ATVs and SSVs. As we encourage everyone to Ride Responsibly, it is the rider's responsibility to check the local and regional regulations before riding. And as we are an off-road brand, we recommend only riding our vehicles off-road.

Go out, have fun, and ride responsibly!
Now that you know what you need and where you can ride, make sure you meet the requirements and go have fun with your ride of choice.

If you want to get into more detail with the limitations, we have provided some for you. Please also always check official sources, since rules and regulations may change and your licence might not always be up to date. You can find more information from the following links:

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