Deep Snow Snowmobiles

Redraw the limits

For supreme fun in the steepest and deepest. Lynx Shredder deep snow snowmobiles are developed in Finland to offer unparalleled agility, power and control in the most challenging terrain.

License to thrill

Unparalleled in deep snow

Powder dynamics

Purpose built from the ski tip to the snow flap. Crafted with a powder dynamic Radien² platform and a sleek short tunnel, the Shredder has an unstoppable force, born to dominate the untouched realms of deep snow.

Striking performance

Rotax® 2-stroke power

Jaw-dropping performance. Outstanding throttle response. The Shredder roars with the industry-leading Rotax® E-TEC power. You make a choice between turbocharged intensity or the raw power of natural aspiration.

Joy of control

The PPS² DS+ rear suspension and long track

The unique The PPS² DS+ rear suspension together with narrow, 3700 / 3900 / 4100 mm long tracks with deep lugs mean unmatched combination of deep snow performance, agility and fun factor.

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Unparalleled agility. Incredible performance. When it comes to the deep snow, the Shredder always comes out on top.

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