Compatible Apps

Be the first rider on the open road to access different vehicle-optimized smartphone apps with Can-Am Spyder. Get directions with Genius Map, listen to your favorite songs with Music, check the weather with Accuweather, share experiences with your community with Rever, and more.


(COMING SOON) Ride with REVER and join the largest motorcycling community of its kind. Discover the best places to ride, create custom routes and record rides to share with your friends. REVER is the social-navigation app you’ve been looking for.


Genius Maps is a premium GPS navigation solution for iPhones and Android phones. All the maps are stored on your device, so there are no roaming costs and your battery lasts longer. Genius Maps’ rich feature set equals or exceeds those of professional navigation systems.


Weather for Life provides you with the best possible weather information with Superior Accuracy™, for every location, with a hands-free view of current weather conditions, hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts, and a MinuteCast® summary, all while driving safely, securely, and without distraction.


(COMING SOON) World\'s first all bluetooth smart tire pressure monitoring system. Save Life, Save Tire, Save Fuel. Best of science, best of design.