Set your inner explorer

Next-level leisure and luxury

Make relaxation the only item on your agenda. With the GTX, a day of discovery out on the water couldn’t be more indulgent. Experience comfort and convenience—in style!

Sea-Doo Touring Lineup



One look at the GTX and you'll know it's built to be more than a ride. The perfect blend of comfort, performance and just the right swagger, it's hard to find a reason for the ride to end.



Ride supreme with the comfort, convenience and performance of the GTX Limited. It’s the platinum standard for luxury with power to match.

Ride at Ease

Unmatched convenience

Every ride is an opportunity to experience your passion for Sea-Doo in a different way. The GTX family is built with convenience and storage capacity that let you pack any adventure you choose into any ride.

Crazy Comfort

Versatility that fits you to a T

The ultra-stable GTX platform opens up an all-you-can-eat buffet of variety on the water. With plush comfort for long rides to modular seating for a floating picnic or lounging, it’s your own slice of heaven.

Your ride. Your way

Dream it. Build it. Ride it.