When both the sleds and the riders are built tough, the riding gear must keep up – from the base layers to the outer shell.


Experience the no-compromise attitude of the Quantum line in the new Quantum Lite OPS. The flexible shell with 2-ply Sympatex membrane keeps you warm and protected without restricting your movements.


The original Lynx Stamina provides ultimate protection even in the harshest riding conditions. The 2025 novelty Stamina Trail RE combines the collection's ultra high performance with a cool racing look.


Crystal-clear connection with your crew is just one click away! BRP's Vibe communication system integrates seamlessly into your helmet, allowing you to communicate on up to 9 channels and even in -18 °C degrees.

New accessory bundles

Mountain tops, ice fishing, or long journeys? Make your new Lynx sled perfect for your exact needs. It's easy with our pre-selected accessory bundles.

Fast, secure and easy

The range of easy-to-use LinQ accessories is now more extensive than ever. Choose the fully integrated and instantly attachable accessory solutions for all your rides.

LED Signal Lights

Add extra safety on trails: signal to other drivers about the sleds behind you or potential danger spots with distinctive colored lights. Available for windscreen or handguards.