Can-Am off-road & desert racer

As a Driver, I come from a Mountain bike and Motocross racing background. I have been rock crawling and visiting the Hammer trails since their beginning. This is my 6th year competing in the UTV Pro class at KOH and my 3rd yr as a driver.

I also helped Can-Am develop and modify the X3 X rs into the production version which became the fabulous X3 X rc! Many of improvements standard now on this machine are developments that started from a true realistic, hands-on approach to get the car ready to race King of the Hammers in 2017!


Created to excite the record setters.

With the best power-to-weight ratio, as much as 24-inches of suspension travel, and up to 195 hp / 135 lb-ft of torque, the Can-Am Maverick X3 gives riders like Travis Pastrana confidence from the start.

FAVORITE PLACE TO RIDE: Utah has that rapped up (St George and Moab)!

BEST OFF-ROAD STORY: Out riding Dirt Bikes with buddies on technical single track trails in Southern California and coming upon a guy running around with his pants off. It seems he had crashed and somehow he ended up underneath the bike with gasoline spilling all over him. So he takes off all of his gear and is running around throwing dirt on him when we come upon him! Absolutely hilarious and I never forget it!

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Wow this is a big one, but easily answered. My inspiration comes from seeing anyone that puts forth all the Hard Work, Determination, Pain, Failures, and belief that they one day they can and will succeed!!!

PHILOSOPHY ON LIFE: It's all about Balance in your Life! However there is total truth in "Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and others just wonder what happened!

FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican food at least twice a week.

MUSIC TO RIDE TO: Dirty Heads, Led Zeppelin for sure! Ask anyone that's been with me - they start out laughing then they love it.

RACING ACCOMPLISHMENT: Passing 63 cars in this years 2019 King of Hammers. I was in a dam near stock 2019 Maverick Sport X rc! We started out in 84th going into the Desert and boy was it rough out there this year, especially against all of the long travel machines eating up all the whoops!
However, we just kept pushing along until we got to the hardcore rock sections. That's where the Sport X rc really shines! We just started passing cars left and right, 4 here 8 there and so on and so on. Then we got to the two hardest canyons, Outer limits, and Spooners. At this point in the race there were cars broken and stuck literally everywhere. We used our winch once to move a stuck Polaris and Drove everything else - Awesome Day!!!

DREAM RIDING LOCATION: This I think of all the time. I want to have a time machine and be able to go back to the mid to late 1800's in a Can-Am SxS. It would be so cool to pull into town and just see the look on everyone's face!!!