XT front bumper

Fits on G2 Can-Am ATV

Looking for tough, durable peace-of-mind? Make sure to add a little armor to your adventures with the extra protection of the XT Front Bumper.

It offers additional protection against road obstacles in addition to protecting the front of your side-by-side vehicle and your windshield. Elegant, it is also sturdy and durable thanks to its wide tubular construction with a black paint, powder coat finish and metal corners for added protection. The XT Front Bumper can be added to the base Outlander model to convert it to the XT model.

LinQ 43L Audio Cargo Box

G2 (front only for 6x6 & MAX models 2013-2014), G2L, G2S, Traxter, Traxter MAX, Maverick, Maverick MAX, Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport MAX

A versatile and entertaining solution to add music and storage to your next ride. The rear installation does not use up any cab space and allows easy listening at an average speed. Delivers the best sound quality on the market to sweeten your ride courtesy of a built-in full range high efficiency amplifier (Class D). Allows the addition of an audio system to your vehicle without completely compromising the loading space. SKU 715003018

HMWPE Underbelly Plates

Fits on Can-Am Outlander G2 MAX

Include Front Skid Plate, Central Skid Plate, Footwell Protector Plates and Rear Skid Plate. Allows access to oil drain plug. Include water and mud drainage holes.