Maximize your fun in the sun

The real key to aqua adventure is riding with safety, responsibility, and smarts in mind. Let’s take a look at how to be good to ourselves, each other, and our environment when we Doo it up.

Just the Gist

We get it: when it comes to riding safely and responsibly, we’ve got a lot to say. So if you just can’t wait to get out and ride, here’s the quickie version of what you need to know before you suit up.

Must be 16 years old to drive a Sea-Doo

Alcohol & Drugs
Never consume alcohol or drugs before, or while using a Sea-Doo

Proper Apparel
Always wear a coast guard approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and when driving, driver and passenger need to wear wetsuit bottoms or neoprene shorts.

Don’t show reckless operating behavior, including unnecessarily endangering life, limb, and property

Tether Cord / Safety Lanyard
When operating a Sea-Doo, always have a tether cord attached to your PFD or wrist (wrist strap required) and keep it free from the handlebars

Distance from shore
Whether you're heading in or cruising out, always maintain a slow speed until you're in a clear area, away from shore.

Play well with others
Minding your P's and Q's on the water is a great way to earn the admiration of other boaters as well as those on the shore. Remember, noise carries across the open water.

Personal Watercraft Safety Video

The safety of you and those around you on the water means a lot to us. Enjoy!

BRP responsible rider

Owning and riding a Sea-Doo is great fun. Making this a rewarding experience for everyone is our common responsibility.

Play it safe

Think about your safety, and that of others!

Safety first? More like safety always. And we’ve got resources galore — check out some videos, tips, and recall info to help you stay safe on the water.

Be responsible

Ride it by the rules!

We’ve all gotta do our part to respect each other out on the water. So, take a read and learn about water etiquette and riding by the rules.

Keep it green

Your playground is our playground: protect it!

Without clean water, we can’t rip through any waves. Check out these ways that you can help be good to Mother Nature.

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