Ride the best

Find out what sets Sea-Doo apart

Rider-driven expertise and designs

The team at Sea-Doo has always put your riding experience first, creating countless innovations that focus on your fun and safety.

Keep the fun afloat

Responsible riding 101

We know you can’t wait to start adventuring on your Sea-Doo water scooter. But if you wanna rule the waves, you gotta learn the rules.

Rider-focused innovations

There's no Sea-Doo without you

From tailored ergonomics to our powerful engines, innovation doesn't happen without input from our riders like you. Sea-Doo personal watercraft are the industry leaders because we're obsessed with how our Sea-Doos ride.

Easy and reliable

Enjoy Sea-Doo peace of mind

Each Sea-Doo PWC is reliable and simple to operate. Our state-of-the-art technology makes learning to ride one a breeze, so before you know it, you’ll be handling one like a pro.

Accessories and apparel with a twist

Sea-Doo essentials that go the extra mile

All Sea-Doo parts, accessories and apparel have been specially designed for your Sea-Doo, like the exclusive LinQ system. Live your best life out on the water with innovative products that go beyond the typical PWC accessories.