Polytec Hull

Get your vitamin sea

Earn your sea legs with our new Sea-Doo GTI, made with our lightweight polytec gen 2.

Great power. Lightweight.

Our new GTI is powerful and lightweight, making any ride feel like an adventure. Made with our new Polytec Gen 2, the GTI is up to 40 lbs lighter than before. That’s the size of a large salmon. What a catch!

New technology. Classic Sea-Doo.

Our new Polytec Gen 2 is strong and sturdy, making the GTI’s hull as tough as a barracuda. Our expertly tested Gen 2 is easy and affordable to repair, giving waves and wind a run for their money.

Get your aqua fix

Don’t let scratches leave you blue. With our new sturdy and scratch resistant Polytec Gen 2 hull, it’s easy and affordable to touch up or repair your GTI. Less time in the repair shop means more time catching waves.

Make fun priority #1

Maximize your family fun with style and stability. Whether it’s a quick lap or a long day on the blue, the GTI is the perfect companion to any adventure. Make a splash or two and live your Sea-Doo life with the new GTI.