Ride Free

Intelligent Debris Free (iDF) Pump System

Seamless on-water experience gets even better with the ability to unclog your watercraft intake without leaving the seat.

Uncharted Peace of Mind

Worry Free Ride

Leave cares on shore thanks to an ingenious debris-free pump system that allows you to uncloge watercraft intake in seconds without having to leave the seat.

Free and Easy

Push Button Operation

Simple, pusth-button operation right from the handlebars. iDF is so easy to use, it's almost second nature.

High and Dry

Stay Dry

iDF enables riders to free debris from clogged intakes without ever getting in the water. That means more time to enjoy the ride without getting wet.

Available on these models



Ride supreme with the comfort, convenience and performance of the GTX Limited. It’s the platinum standard for luxury with power to match.



The GTI SE amps up the adventure with more convenience, more comfort and a sound system that take family fun on the water to new places.



One look at the GTX and you'll know it's built to be more than a ride. The perfect blend of comfort, performance and just the right swagger, it's hard to find a reason for the ride to end.

Explorer PRO 170


The Explorer Pro 170 redefines the idea of long-distance riding. Thoughtfully engineered to create ingenious ways to carry more gear, discover new waterways and open miles of new possibilities.