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If last year was an eye-opener, Molly Taylor enters this year’s race full of resolve and confidence. She’s better prepared for the weather elements and different variables that a race like Dakar Rally presents.

With a heart of gold and a passion for Off-Road Livin’, Gerard Farrés is no stranger to the Dakar Rally. Having competed in the rally 15 times (yes, you read that correctly: 15), with 4 of those times in the SSV category, Gerard is no stranger to the mental and physical task of the toughest and longest race in the world. Last year, Gerard placed second in the T4 category, and this year, he has his eyes set on the top spot. We caught up with him between training sessions in Barcelona. 

Can-Am: It’s been an exciting 12 months for you; what have you been up to since the 2022 Dakar Rally?


Gerard: If you know me, you know I’ve been spending the last 12 months thinking about this next Dakar! Preparing, training — it’s a big focus, and getting seat time with my Can-Am Maverick X3 is a big part of that. But it’s not all about racing for me; it’s also largely about taking care of my family, my mother, my wife and my daughters. So the last 12 months have been a great balance of training and being with my family. 



You’ve competed in the Dakar Rally in 2009, and the fourth year running in a Can-Am Maverick X3 with Can-Am South Racing; what drives you to race another year at Dakar?

Gerard: This will be my 16th participation in the Dakar Rally. I’ve raced and podiumed[G1]  on a motorcycle as well as had two second-place finishes in the UTV class in my Can-Am Maverick X3. I’m always working on improving myself every year, and ultimately, the dream is to win at the Dakar Rally. I have a motorcycle podium and two second places with my Can-Am. My goal is to improve myself year after year. I pursue a dream that is to win the Dakar Rally.


So you’ve competed in Dakar 15 times, and this is going to be your 16th. Tell us what you’ve learned and what you are going to do differently or the same going into the 2023 Rally.

Gerard: The Dakar Rally is a very tactical race. It’s not just about being fast. No, that won’t win the race. It’s about who’s able to solve problems as quickly as possible. To win the Dakar, you have to take care of the mechanics of the vehicle and find a way to overcome and move forward. It wouldn’t be called the world’s toughest race if you didn’t have to overcome many hurdles and obstacles and be a strategic thinker. I personally love this race, as you always learn something new.

When I retired from motorcycle racing, it was because I saw a Can-Am in the desert of Morocco, and after trying it, I knew I had to run my next Dakar in a Can-Am Maverick X3. So thank you Can-Am for everything you do!

                                                                                                Gerard Farrés

We know you have such a passion for racing and off-roading, and you’ve accomplished so much; what’s the legacy you’re looking to build?

Gerard: Honestly, it’s to be the best I can be and improve each and every day. There is a phrase that says, “Victory is to overcome,” and I want to be part of this. It’s to compete fairly and ethically, to be a professional on and off the course. As athletes on an international stage, it’s our duty to be role models for the next generation of racers. That’s what keeps me going and that’s what I want for my legacy.


That’s incredible. I know we all feel your passion during your races and after. Thank you for sharing that. So, we have the 2023 Dakar Rally coming up soon; how are you getting ready for this next one?

Gerard: It’s a lot about physical and mental training. I do as much as I can to do long-distance training to help simulate the stages at Dakar as much as possible. There is a lot of mental and psychological training that I need to prepare for, so I meditate to help with that. The one thing you can always expect at Dakar is the unexpected, so we have to be ready. I also get as much seat time as possible in my Can-Am Maverick X3, and I also have a simulator that helps with my training. Another big part of it is taking care of my family. This gives me stability and grounds me tremendously. 

So, we’ve talked all about your racing, but we’re all curious as to what you do when you’re not racing.

Gerard: It’s probably not going to be a big surprise that when I’m not racing, I’m spending my time with my family or doing sports. I have many women in my life, and with these women, it would be impossible to compete. When I say women, I mean my mother, my sister, my wife and daughters. I have to behave with them! [Laughs]


Now what about music? What are you listening to when you’re racing or just hanging out?

Gerard: That’s a tough one because I love all sorts of music! The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, AC/DC, Dover — honestly, I love it all!


Thank you so much, Gerard, for taking the time to answer our questions. Did you have anything else to add?

Gerard: Yes! I wanted to say that Can-Am has really revolutionized the world of four wheels and side-by-sides. The vehicle has it all. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, you get that rush of adrenaline every time. 


Well thank you, Gerrard, for all that you do! And good luck at the 2023 Dakar Rally!

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