All play all day

Looking for some serious fun at an affordable price? If your idea of fun is soaring on top of a wave, we’ve got the ride for you. It’s always playtime with SPARK


The easiest way to the water

The SPARK is designed to make the water accessible and fun for everyone! It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to own and tow. Bring on those twists and turns!

Bring on the beat

50-Watt Portable Audio System

With incredible sound, rugged durability and the best portable audio system in the market with up 24 hours of battery life, the SPARK blows the competition away - so you can blow the roof off your next beach party, on or off the shore.

Steal the show


The only watercraft of its kind, the SPARK TRIXX is purpose-built to pull off acrobatic aquatic maneuvers with features that inspire uniqueness in a sea of sameness.

No fussy business

Polytec hull design

Easy to handle and almost 100lbs lighter than the closest competitor, SPARK's unique polytec hull is designed with play in mind. Fearlessly test your new moves thanks to the scratch resistant surface.




Get on the water and share the adventure. Memories are more fun the more they're shared, and the Spark 3UP adds the stability of an extended platform, tow sport capability and the convenience of Sea-Doo exclusive iBR for docking and loading.



The one-of-a-kind Spark Trixx™ makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun, you’ll never want the day to end.