New 3-Wheel Vehicle Lineup

Live more thrills with brand-new Can‑Am Ryker or Spyder.

New 10.25'' Touchscreen Display

Enjoy an enhanced riding experience with the 10.25" Color Touchscreen Display with BRP Connect.

Seamless connectivity, and stunning graphics, the 10.25" Color Touchscreen Display was totally revamped to give you new ways to enjoy the ride and a better road experience.

New Vibe Communication System

Get higher audio quality for ADVEX helmets for more connectivity on the road.

Get more of the road when you VIBE. Enjoy premium speakers and microphones, the largest battery capacity with 8 hours of talk time, a glove-friendly interface and one-click-to-connect simplicity.

New LED Headlights

The new LED headlights are available on all our F3 models.

With its premium design, comes functionnality. The LED headlights illumate a larger area than its predecessor.


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With two thrilling new options to take you from the city streets and beyond, the next generation of Can‑Am motorcycles is one you don’t want to miss.