LinQ Fuel Caddy - 3 Gallons

Fits on REV Gen4, XS, XM, XR, XP, XU with LinQ adaptor plate (860200945) Doesn't fit Grand Touring REV-XS

On/Off in a few seconds. 11-liter (3 US gallons) capacity. Cannot be installed with the Luggage Rack Reinforcement Plates (860200798).

Adjustable Windshield - Low To Medium

Fits on REV Gen4. Warning Label: Depending on your vehicle configuration, you may need corresponding windshield base kit and side deflectors to install this windshield. Ask your dealer for details. Note: When installing the windshield and/or windshield side deflectors on your vehicle, please make sure it does not - in any position - interfere with the operation of the steering and controls.

Quickly adjust the level of wind protection thanks to the lever on this adjustable windshield. With an adjustable range of 14.5" (37 cm) to 17" (43 cm), it is the perfect windshield for your Ski-Doo snowmobile. This low to medium size in smoke colour has windshield support included and is fully compatible with the REV Gen4 snowmobile.

Quickly change your level of wind protection with the flip of a lever. Compatible with Glove Box Extension (860201249). Adjustable range of 14.5" (37 cm) to 17" (43 cm). Windshield support included.

Auxiliary LED Light

Fits on REV Gen4 (Narrow)

8 LEDs provide more than 2,500 additional lumens for an intense super-wide foglight-type pattern. Say goodbye to sacrificing close range lighting when switching to high beams. Easily installs on hood with a simple plug-and-play hook-up. Dynamic scoop design integrates perfectly with REV Gen4 platform. Not compatible with One-Piece Lightweight Hood.

Passenger Seat

Fits on REV Gen4 20" & 24". Fits on Vehicle Expedition

Passenger seat to transform into a 1 + 1 configuration. Includes safety handles. Passenger Backrest (860202036) can be added for more comfort. Stock on REV Gen4 Expedition LE, SE.

Ride On Cover (ROC) System

Fits on REV Gen4 MXZ, Renegade, Backcountry or Freeride 137 / 146 with 1 + 1 Seat and Backrest, Grand Touring Sport, Expedition Sport. Fits on Vehicle Backcountry, Expedition, Freeride, Grand Touring, MXZ, Renegade

ROC System fits sleds from 129" to 175" Quick release buckles for easy, gloved-hand operation Easy handlebar access for moving sled while covered. Ride on or off a trailer or sled deck while covered. Added protection while transporting sleds

Heavy-Duty Front Bumper

Fits on REV Gen4 (Wide) Tundra and Skandic. Fits on Vehicle Skandic, Tundra

Reinforced lightweight aluminum construction. Required for the installation of Full Wrap-Around Front Bumpers (860201676, 860201822 & 860202027). Standard on REV Gen4 (Wide) Renegade Enduro, Expedition LE and Expedition SE.