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Any Ride. Any Day.

And look good while you do it

That's the idea behind every Sea-Doo accessory and piece of riding gear. Seamless integration and expert styling to make sure you've got everything you need to make life on the water better.

BRP Audio-Portable System

Fits on SPARK or all vehicles with the 16" LinQ Base Audio-Portable System (295100867)

50 watt audio system with Bluetooth† connectivity.
Fully submersible and removable, can be used on and off the watercraft.
Front mounted and positioned toward driver for maximum sound clarity.
Control pad on the speaker for volume and song adjustment.
Powered with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers 24 hours* of autonomy.
Support base with quick-attach system is required (295100913 or 295100860).
Note: Needed if installed in front of the Spark:
Front Deflector Replacement Lid (295100870) is required when installing the sound system on 2018 and prior models with iBR and Convenience Package or when the Front Storage Bin Kit (295100864) or the Front Deflector Lid Kit (295100865) is installed.
Adjustable Riser Retrofit Kit (295100702) is required to install on SPARK (2016 and prior).

LinQ Retractable Ski Pylon

Fits on RXT, RXT-X, GTX, GTX Ltd / GTI, GTI SE, GTR (2020 and up) / FISH PRO (2019 and up)

High-rise pylon keeps rope out of water for better watersport fun.
Features built-in spotter grab handles and retracts out of the way when not in use.
Note: Never use the Ski Pylon to tow an inflatable or similar toy. Always use the rear cleat.

LinQ 4.2 US Gal (16 L) Cooler

Fits on models with LinQ Base Kit. Brands LinQ

LinQ mounted weather-resistant cooler.
Rotomolded construction for exceptional rigidity and durability.
Premium-quality foam insulation for optimal ice retention.
Already marinized for saltwater purposes.
Note: Cannot be mounted on the LinQ Fuel Caddy.
Note: LinQ Base Installation Kit is required to install LinQ accessories when not standard on the watercraft.

Snap-In Fenders

Fits on all watercraft

Protect your investment from dock damage with these easy to install and remove fenders designed specifically for Sea-Doo watercraft.
Front and rear on the SPARK models ensure a solid mount in the optimal spot.
The Snap-in Fenders float and the high-visibility orange color keeps them in sight.
Requires Snap-in Fenders Installation Kit (295100550, 295100729 or 295100944) to install on models other than SPARK.
Patent pending.
Sold in pairs.

Boarding Ladder

Fits on RXT, RXT-X, GTX and WAKE PRO (2018 and up) / GTI, GTI SE, GTR and WAKE 170 (2020 and up) / RXP-X (2021)

Retractable boarding step designed for your watercraft.
Makes boarding from the water much easier.
Spring-loaded platform that stays in the ''up'' position.
Direct bolt-on installation, thanks to integrated mounting points on the watercraft. 







All-around performance

Athletic fit with lumbar comfort zone for extra support. Rear mesh panel drains water quickly keeping you dry and helps regulate thermal comfort.

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