Grand Touring


Packed with style, luxurious comfort and awesome performance, Grand Touring snowmobiles provide the best 2-up riding experience for driver and passenger.

5-Star Comfort

Premium ride for driver and passenger

Feel at home on any trial with seating intentionally sculpted for 2-up riding and suspension packages designed for company.

Your Window

Get out of the wind and on with the ride

Smartly designed high windshields and wider side panels direct wind around driver and passenger, creating your personal bubble of comfort.

Pure Luxury

A resort-worthy experience on snow

Well-appointed amenities at every turn. From heat where you want it, an app-enabled display and push-button suspension adjustments, the Grand Touring is truly grand.

Share the Experience

Take them with you

The best experiences in winter are meant to be shared. With the Ski-Doo Grand Touring everyone can come along for the ride ensuring those memories of breathtaking views, and pristine trails are not a solo adventure.

Explore Grand Touring Packages & Specifications

Grand Touring Sport

Savvy style and handling meets 2-up trail comfort. Both pilot and passenger enjoy precision performance that inspires more excitement and new adventures on the snow.

  • Rotax® 600 ACE™ and 900 ACE™ engines with 420W magneto
  • 23-in. Ultra-high windshield with side deflectors
  • 2-up seat with heated passenger handholds and air deflectors

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