On- or Off-trail, Ski-Doo Expedition models pack incredible versatility and capability into one sled. Work at the cottage one hour, start a new adventure the next.

Go Further

Crossover capability expands the possibilities

Designed with crossover-sepcific features that enable smooth trail performance and adept off-trail capability mean no winter task or adventure is out of reach.


That To-Do List is about to get a lot shorter

From exploring uncharted winter terrain to checking traplines in the bush to trekking to remote worksites, the Expedition lineup delivers ultimate capability.

Mix and Match

Unrivaled versatility

From taking on the toughest jobs on snow to enabling winter's ultimate escape, the Expedition lineup is equal parts work ethic and recreation.

Territories Unknown


Born in Scandanavia where trails and populations can be scarce, the Ski-Doo Expedition is bred for northern exploration and adventure with cargo or companion carrying in comfort, and sporty recreational capability.

Explore Expedition Packages & Specifications

Expedition SE

The 2025 Expedition SE is where comfort and rugged capability meet with perfect chemistry. Based on the REV Gen4 platform, full of cozy features paired with utility components to offer a remarkably versatile sled on- and off-trail.

  • The utmost crossover sport-utility vehicle with an incredible list of work and luxury features.
  • Rotax® engines available
  • Air Control Suspension (ACS) rear shock
  • Ultra large LinQ utility cargo box with 135 L / 35.7 US gal of storage

Expedition LE

Offering every advantage for riders to enjoy off-trail exploration, premium touring and a get-your-boots-dirty work ethic, the REV Gen4 based Expedition LE is as versatile a sled as there is on the market.

  • A crossover sport-utility vehicle capable of off-trail exploration, on-trail cruises and easier, more enjoyable working days.
  • Two Rotax® engines available
  • Available with 20 in. or 24 in. track options
  • 20-in. wide Multi-LinQ plate with 125 lb / 56.7 kg cargo capacity

Expedition Xtreme

Ready to wander as soon as it’s finished the job, the Expedition Xtreme delivers rugged off-trail ability with premium trail handling to provide riders exceptional capability and performance no matter where they roam.

  • The high-performance widetrack crossover sled with capability to go just about anywhere.
  • Two Rotax® engines available
  • KYB Pro 36 rear shock and KYB 36 Plus front shocks
  • 20-in. wide Multi-LinQ plate with 125 lb capacity
  • Electric starter

Expedition Sport

The Expedition Sport couples agile, precise handling with industry-leading utility features such as standard tow hitch, plentiful cargo capacity, a blend of utility and comfort-focused suspensions, and updated, efficient Rotax engines.

  • Ultra-responsive chassis for on- or off-trail rides and extensive array of sport-utility and 2-up features.
  • Rotax® engines available
  • pDrive™ clutch
  • RAS™ 3 -suspension

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